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Travel Tips Sharjah, Sharjah Travel Information and Travel Guide

To help you plan a trip to Sharjah, the Sharjah Travel Tips and City Guide provides a summary of the important information you need.

Alphabetical Listing of United Arab Emirates Travel Tips

Sharjah Picture Gallery

Souq Al Arsah (The Old Souq) is located in the heart of old Sharjah.

Souq Al Arsah (The Old Souq) is located in the heart of old Sharjah.
Tucked away behind a row of shops, cafeterias and a mosque on the waterfront, is a narrow alley where vendors sell silver jewelry, Indian handicrafts, Omani chests, daggers, Gulf pearls and some antiques.

Sharjah Arabic Art & Fine Craft

Arabic Art & Fine Craft

Discovered at every archeological dig are pottery jars used for storing water and grain. Today, these are still fired in man made wood-fuelled kilns. The various shapes and sizes of the water, grain and later oil jars, are displayed in the Heritage Museum, (see Museums section). New locally made pots are on sale in the Plant Souk, Al Soor.

The old Arabic bridal chests which are becoming a rarity were made throughout the Gulf, characterized by the solid wood (usually teak or rosewood) with inlaid brass decoration and often, secret compartments. Smaller wooden chests, with carved decoration only and many compartments were made specifically for the pearling industry. Pearls would be graded and stored in the boxes according to size, along with scales and other pearling paraphernalia.

Weaving and embroidery was used for dress decoration and practical purposes. These traditional crafts are still popular pastimes amongst the national women. The locally available date palm fibers are woven to produce mats, baskets, bags and bowls plus fans used for lighting fires. There is a shop in Souk Al Arsah which sells these crafts and you will also find them on sale in the old Iranian Bazaar which runs parallel to the creek. For further details, see Souks section.

Sharjah Art Museum

Sharjah Art Museum

The Sharjah Art Museum, established in 1995 under the Art Directorate of the Department of Culture & Information, was housed in Bait Al Serkal, Al Shuwaihiyeen area until 1997. The new building of the Sharjah Art Museum was constructed in the area to integrate with the heritage buildings. It was completed and inaugurated on April 9, 1997.

Located in the heart of Sharjah city and fully designated to the fine arts and art-related activities, the museum is displays a permanent collection of art on the ground floor. Since its opening, thirty-three solo and group exhibitions and other related activities have been held at the venue.

Very Special Arts (House of Abdullah Al Sari)

Very Special Arts (House of Abdullah Al Sari)

Established in Sharjah in 1995 by the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, Very Special Arts was formed to enrich the lives of the disabled, through enlightening and enhancing their artistic skills.

The house of Abdulla Al Sari has been transformed for this workshop for the disabled.


  • Helping the disabled in integrating with the society through enhancing their artistic talent.
  • Promoting the community awareness about the importance of art as a means of expression and as an educational tool in the rehabilitation program for the disabled.
  • Bridging the differences between the able and disabled by providing equal opportunity in various artistic fields.
  • Providing special training and technical assistance to the teachers for the disabled.
  • Holding local, regional and international art workshops and seminars at various levels for the disabled and coordinating various similar establishments around the world.

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